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Organizing Committee

iGeo Local Organizing Committee

  • Volunteer Leaders: Marc-Elie AdaïméMaxime Lamoureux, Mathieu St-Pierre, Samuel Veilleux (all graduate students at Université Laval)
  • A special thanks to our priceless volunteers: Lori Barrett, Annye Boutiller, Catherine Brochu-Gosselin, Donald Cayer, Julie Francoeur, Hubert Larose-Dutil, Camille Latourelle-Vigeant, Sarah Major, Colleen Mosterd-McLean, Kim Pawliw, Anne-Gabrielle Poulin, Ana-Brigitte Poveda, Viviane Rivard, Nicolas Roy, Jade Talbot, Simon Turcotte, Richmond Yu, Pengtao Zhang.

Top row, from left to right: Marc-Elie Adaïmé, Beth Dye, Julie Nadeau

Bottom row, from left to right: Maxwell Bouchard, Mathieu St-Pierre, Arielle Frenette, Samuel Veilleux

International Geographical Union Task Force Members

  • Co-Chair Mrs. Susan Lomas OBE, DL (United Kingdom)
  • Co-Chair Dr. Su-Min Shen (Taiwan)
  • Steering Committee Member Professor Alexey Naumov (Russia)
  • Steering Committee Member Ms. Li Ling Tan (Singapore)
  • Steering Committee Member Mr. Tomasz Sawicki (Poland)
  • Steering Committee Member Dr. Dubravka Spevec (Croatia)
  • Current Local Organizer Dr. Lynn Moorman (Canada, 2018)
  • Past Local Organizer Mr. Nikola Srzentic (Serbia, 2017)
  • Future Local Organizer Dr. Alice S.Y. CHOW (Hong Kong, 2019)

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Last Updated: 2018-07-10