Bulletin Board

Bulletin board #11 - Surveys for Students and Team Leaders

Hello iGeo 2018 Students and Team Leaders! Please take some time to complete a survey that we have prepared for you. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! The links are: 

For Students: https://goo.gl/forms /2srz69avSAh3fUgb2 

We hope that you have had an enjoyable experience at iGeo 2018!

Bulletin board #10 - Information regarding the International Board Meeting and breakfast hours

The International Board Meeting will begin at 8h30 and finish at 9h30 in Pavillon Abitibi-Price, room 1160. Please note that breakfast hours are from 7h30 to 9h30.

Bulletin board #9 - Information regarding the full day excursion to Forêt Montmorency on Sunday, August 5

1. There will be 7 buses leaving from Pavillon Agathe-Lacerte in the morning to Forêt Montmorency. Please follow the bus schedule on page 30 in the program booklet with the exception of the following teams who are now on BUS 7: Armenia, China-Beijing, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, and Turkey.
2. Each bus will be met at the forest by an expert who will board the bus to start your special tour (and provide the box lunches on the bus). There will be seven stops, one being a short break. At approximately 15h00, there will be free time for two hours and then dinner will be served in shifts.
3. Please plan accordingly for this day that will be spent outdoors : walking shoes, bottles of water, sunscreen, rain gear, warmer clothes for the evening, etc.
4. We are looking forward to experiencing the unique faunal concert in the evening with each and everyone of you!

Bulletin board #8 - Information regarding departure on August 6

1. Please check your departure time on August 6th to determine if you have the time to attend the IGU Opening Ceremony on Monday afternoon.

2. At 12h00, one bus will take the luggage to the Quebec City Convention Centre (you need to sit on your assigned bus please). That same bus will leave the Convention Centre for the airport at 14h30. You need a maximum of two hours for check-in to a minimum of 90 minutes. It takes approximately 45 minutes to drive from the Convention Centre to the airport.

After the IGU opening ceremony, the other busses will leave the Quebec City Convention Centre at 14h30 to return to the university. You are welcome to stay downtown and enjoy the sites as iGEO 2018 will be officially over!

3. Another bus will leave from Pavillon Agathe-Lacerte at 17h00 for the airport.

4. There will be no other transportation provided to the airport (as noted on all of our documentation). You can use the following taxi companies:

Taxi Coop Québec
418 525-5191

Taxi Coop Sainte-Foy–Sillery
418 653-7777

Taxi Laurier
418 651-2727

There are phones in the foyers of the residences to call the taxis as well. You can also get someone at the registration desk of the Pavillon Alphonse-Marie-Parent to help you reserve your transportation.

Bulletin board #7 - Information regarding Teams participating in the Post-iGeo Excursion

1. If you have not yet received your meal tickets for Monday dinner and Tuesday breakfast, please see Julie (as she has them). August 11th dinner tickets will be handed out when you return the Quebec City.

2. A Post-Excursion orientation meeting will take place at Pavillon Agathe-Lacerte, on Monday, August 6th at 20h00 next to the entrance area.

3. Participating Teams are: Australia (2), Belgium (6), China-Taipei (6), Croatia (6), Czech Republic (6), Denmark (6), Germany (6), Hungary (5), Latvia (5), Lithuania (6), Netherlands (5), Poland (6), Slovenia (3), Switzerland (5).

4. If you are staying at the residences on the return night of August 11, it is possible to have your luggage stored. However, we ask that you limit the amount of luggage stored per team since storage place is limited. For example, for a team of six people, we suggest that you use one or two (max.) pieces luggage to store all of your other heavy items that you do not wish to bring with you (e.g. dictionaries). If you plan on storing your luggage, please do so on the evening of August 6 at the registration desk of the Pavillon Alphonse-Marie-Parent.

Your organizers for the Post-iGeo Excursion will be:
Julie Nadeau
Maxwell Bouchard (Sarah Roy)
Beth Dye (Gerry Bond)
We are looking forward to travelling with you!

Bulletin board #6 - Additional information for Saturday, August 4, for TASK FORCE, TEAM LEADERS and OBSERVERS

  1. You are invited to a multimedia test review starting at 15h00 and finishing at 16h15 in ABP-0112. Tim Schuring (from Team Netherlands) will be presenting the same test used by the students in the morning.
  2. You are invited to the "Workshop for potential future iGeo hosts" that will take place between 16h30 and 17h30 in ABP-0112.
  3. Team Leaders are welcome to the Commission on Geographical Education conference presentations on campus. The link to the presentations, schedule, and map are at https://cge-cag2018.ca/proposalsubmission/ 

Bulletin board #5 - Supervisor list for MMT on the morning of Saturday, August 4 (please be there at 9h30)

This will take place in Pavillon Charles de Koninck (same building as the cafeteria). These rooms are on the lower floor of the building.




Dorin Fiscutean, Yasuto Hayashi


Bintang Wananda, Ishaq Ahmad


Steve Muench, Erin Jude Dela Cruz


Chudech Losiri, Nyussupova Gulnara


Mike Farley, Viviane Aroujo


Kath Berg, Gisela Leal


Svetlana Lazarevic, Gabriel Zubriczky

 Please report to the rooms by 9h30.

Bulletin board #4 - Information for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday


  1. Please ensure that Team Leaders and Participants are following all the dietary restrictions that were reported through the registration process.
  2. Teams who have not yet turned in their release forms, please do so immediately to Julie, Maxwell or Beth.
  3. Post-iGeo Excursion Teams: just a reminder that your dinner on August 6 and breakfast on August 7 is included in the participation fee that you have paid.
  4. A reminder: on Sunday, the International Board Meeting will take place from 8h30 to 9h30 in ABP-1160. The buses for Forêt Montmorency will leave at 10h00. We expect to back to the residences on Sunday between 23h00-23h30.
  5. August 6 travel to home country: the opening ceremony for IGU, which will include the Gold Medal iGeo Presentation, will require teams to leave Université Laval at 12h00 on buses to the Quebec City Convention Centre downtown. There will be a bus leaving the convention centre at 14h30 which will go directly to the airport, and will arrive at the airport by 15h15. Luggage transport will be provided. If you have an afternoon flight, you may not be able to participate in the IGU opening ceremony downtown, and you will have to arrange your own transportation to the airport. Please advise Maxwell, Julie or Beth immediately if you are NOT planning on attending the IGU Opening Ceremony, due to departure time in the afternoon of August 6.
  6. Forêt Montmorency outing on Sunday August 5 
    • There will be a bus #7 on Sunday. The following teams will be placed on bus #7 (not what is indicated on page 30 of the program booklet): Armenia, China-Beijing, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, plus the 3 Observers from China-Hong Kong.

Thank you!

Bulletin board #3 - FOR AUGUST 2


  • You must be on the bus by 7h55. The buses will leave at 8h00.
  • Lunch boxes will be provided at the FWE site.
  • Expect to be back at Université Laval between 17h30-18h00.

For TEAM LEADERS and other adults:

  • Lunch is available at the usual place (Charles-De-Koninck building)
  • Written Response Test markers, please report as previously requested by the Task Force (Room ABP-1111).

Free evening for Students and Team Leaders!

Friday August 3 - Students will begin field work analysis at 9h30 in the Abitibi-Price building. Please refer to the booklet for room allocations.

 Bulletin board #2 - FOR AUGUST 1

     Information from the Task Force - meeting times
     Written Response Test (WRT)
        1. All WRT supervisors are to report by 8.45am to Task Force Room 1 @ Pavillon Abitibi-Price, Room 1128
        2. All WRT markers are to report by 9.30am to Task Force Room 1 @ Pavillon Abitibi-Price, Room 1128
     Information from Local Organizing Committee
     1. Buses leave at 14h00 from Pavillon Lacerte's parking lot for the Excursion to Old Quebec City.
     2. Buses leave Old Quebec City at 18h00 to return to Laval University.

 Bulletin board #1 - FOR JULY 31


  1. A welcome gathering for any TEAM LEADERS, but especially leaders new iGeo, will be held at 12h30-13h30 in the building Abitibi-Price, Room 1111. Discussions will focus on 'your' contributions to iGeo during the week, and on how 'you' can be part of the iGeo organization in the future, i.e. writing test questions, supporting the Task Force, etc.
  1. Registration for iGeo will take place from 12h00 to 17h00 in the building Agathe-Lacerte (use the map provided at check-in or the map in the participant information booklet). Shoulder bags (with the program booklet), tee-shirts and meal tickets will be handed out at registration.
  1. TASK FORCE members - you have a meeting at 14h00 in the building Abitibi-Price, Room 1128.
  1. The International Board Meeting will take place between 16h00 and 17h00 in the auditorium in the building Abitibi-Price, Room 1160. Team leaders and chaperones are expected to attend, at least one adult per team please.
  1. Teams MUST be at the building Palisis-Prince at 18h30 for preparation for the Opening Ceremonies, which will begin at 19h00.
  1. Team leaders MUST ensure that their students are aware of, and follow, the iGeo Code of Conduct, found on pages 28-29 of the program booklet which you will receive at registration.