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Preliminary program 
*Please note that program is subject to change
Tuesday 31 July 
12h - 18h Registration
12h30 - 13h30 Welcome to new leaders
14h - 15h30  Task Force Meeting 
16h - 17h  International Board Meeting (minimum 1 team leader from each country)
17h15 - 18h45 Dinner
19h - 21h Opening ceremony
21h -  Social mixer for Team Leaders
Wednesday 1 August
7h - 8h30 Breakfast
7h45 - 8h15  Team Leaders Meeting if required
9h15 - 12h45 Written test
12h30 - 13h45 Lunch
14h00 - 18h Excursion to Old Quebec City *transportation by bus
19h - 20h Dinner
20h30 - 21h30 Field work exercise briefing
Thursday 2 August 
6h30 - 7h30 Breakfast
8h - 18h Field work exercise (FWE) *bus departs at 8h00
8h30 -  Written test assessment 
12h - 13h Lunch
18h30 - 19h30 Dinner
19h30 -  Free evening
Friday 3 August 
7h - 8h30 Breakfast
8h30 - 17h Written test assessment 
9h30 - 13h  Field work analysis
12h30 - 14h Lunch
14h30 - 17h FWE assessment 
14h30 - 17h30  Sport activities to be determined
17h30 - 19h Dinner
19h30 - 21h30 Poster presentation session 
21h30 - 23h00 Commission social mixer (team leaders)
Saturday 4 August
8h - 9h30 Breakfast
9h00 - 17h00 Commission on Geographical Education presentations*
9h30 -  FWE assessment
10h - 12h30 Multi-Media Test 
12h - 13h30 Lunch
12h - 13h30 MMT assessment
14h - 17h30 Preparations for Canadian cultural presentation (students only)
16h30 - 17h30 Workshop for potential future iGeo hosts
17h30 - 19h Dinner
19h30 - 21h30 Canadian cultural session (everyone)
21h30 -  Task force meeting
Sunday 5 August
8h - 10h Breakfast
9h - 10h  International Board Meeting (minimum 1 team leader from each country)
10h30 - 23h Full day excursion
13h - 14h Lunch 
17h30 - 19h Dinner
Monday 6 August
7h45 - 8h45 Breakfast
9h15 - 11h15 Closing ceremony of GeoOlympiad 
11h30 Pick up boxed lunch
12h Departure for Quebec City Convention Centre by bus
13h - 14h GeoOlympiad Gold medal presentations
14h30 Return by bus to Université Laval's residence hall
17h30 - 19h Dinner for teams remaining for post-field trip
Tuesday 7 August
8h30 Departure of teams for Post-iGeo excursion
11h Maximum departure of all teams 
*On Aug. 4th, team leaders are invited to presentations from international geography educators at the Commission on Geographical Education conference held on campus Aug.3-5th. In return, the Commission members are invited to view the iGeo posters on Aug. 3rd. A social event will be held for both groups following the poster session. 
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