Poster Presentation Session

Posters will reflect the theme of this year’s iGeo “Appreciating Landscapes”. Specifically, students are to prepare a poster responding to the question:

How has water in one of its various forms (e.g., surface, ground, river, lake, coastal, sea ice, glacial ice) influenced human activities (settlement, transportation, industry, tourism, etc.) in a community or region in your country?


Posters must be created digitally, preferably using PowerPoint (template available if required). Please ask the organizers if you require a different method to create your posters. We will print the posters for you and have them available at the beginning of the iGeo.

  • Poster dimensions are 30” wide by 42” high (76 cm x 106 cm)
  • If you require help creating the basic PowerPoint page for the poster, please let us know.
  • Portrait view only – having long posters vs wide posters will be more efficient for our space
  • Ensure that posters have a 1/2″ (1.5 cm) border when submitting for printing.
  • Submitted posters must be submitted in .pdf and ideally < 40 mb in size.

Please note that the deadline for submission has been extended to July 13.

Last Updated: 2018-07-10